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relax-ng message

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Subject: Name change

> 10. Name change. James - blending of Relax/TREX name hard to do, but we
> don't want a completely new name [because it would suggest a proliferation
> of schema languages which we don't want]. James - I think we should go
> Relax 2.0 or some adjective [or tag], don't like what "2.0" suggests
> M.-san - I like this. It will be easier to advance JIS/ISO specs. Josh -
> Relax .NET? K.-san - Relax++? James - Relax NG [Next Generation]?

One other consideration. It would be good to have a name for which we could
acquire the corresponding .org address. (I registered relax2.org and
relaxng.org already; if we choose one of these I will donate it to OASIS.)

I thought of iRelax (for improved Relax) but irelax.org doesn't seem to be


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