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Subject: Re: Datatypes

> The proposal has some problems with regard to QName.
> > given a string, return true or false according to whether the string is
> > the representation of a member of the datatype
> I think it has to receive context information as well as a string.


> > given two strings, return true or false according to whether they are
> > equivalent (ie represent the same value)?
> So does this.


> > One possibility is to say
> > that two datatypes are the same if all these three things are the same.
> > Should datatype parameters be considered as typed for the purposes of
> > determining identity?
> I would propose (as an alternative) to prohibit <setParams/> when @key
> or @keyref is used. This will make type comparison easy for
> implementations.

I think that's too restrictive.  I might well want to, for example, limit
the length of a key to 8 characters.

We don't exactly need datatype equality.  All we need is to check that the
two datatypes use the same equivalence relation for comparing strings (let's
call this "compatible"). Thus the enumeration of possible values is
irrelevant.  I think the datatypes should be treated as compatible if the
base types are the same, and the values of all the parameters are the same
(compared type-sensitively?).  This is not harder to implement.  Just sort
of the list of parameters by name and them compare the values.


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