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Subject: Re: precious little press

Michael Fitzgerald <mike@wyeast.net> writes:

> I must say I am surprised that the unification of Relax and Trex has not
> gotten much press, not even on XMLHack.

As far as XMLHack goes, I'm one of the contributors and would
definitely have written it up if I wasn't involved with the TC, and
same with Eric, I think. And some other XMLHack contributors are
involved with RELAX and TREX in other ways.

> I can't come up with another XML initiative that is more important
> in the /schema/ of things, especially as a foil or alternative to
> XML Schema. Are editors getting late-night, anonymous, threatening
> phone calls to quash the news? %^} Or perhaps we need to do a bit
> more arm waving.

I think it'd help to do more arm waving, both about the unification
and the "alternative to XML Schema" nature of the initiative. 

I bet XML.com, would be interested in publishing an article if one of
us contacted the editors and had the time to write it up.

Back some time in January/February, XML Journal sent out an call for
XML schema articles for its May issue. I contacted the editors at the
time and got a tentative agreement for a TREX article, asked if
anybody had time to write/collaborate on it, but didn't get anything
going and didn't feel like I had enough technical/implementation
insight into TREX to do a good job of writing it myself.

With W3C XML Schema becoming a rec, I'm sure many editors are keen
right now to get their hands on anything related. Maybe it's just that
some have heard the names TREX or RELAX, but don't know why the
unification is significant or how it relates to W3 XML Schema.

Anyway, we've already got implementations, so could write for even the
more "hands-on"-oriented sites like IBM DeveloperWorks and magazines.
For the magazines, of course it's important to get something written
now, because of the lag between article submission and publication.

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