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Subject: Re: Datatype and identity constraints proposal of the day (17 May)

> Notation declarations are also needed if we want to emulate NOTATION
> type of XML Schema.

The NOTATION type of XML Schema doesn't use notation declarations from the
DTD.  It uses NOTATION declarations from the Schema.   You can't use
NOTATION directly in a Schema; you have to derive a type by specifying an
enumeration.   If you ignore the PSV infoset, then it can be simulated by an
enumeration of type QName.

This means that the notation of unparsed entities referenced by instances of
the ENTITY datatype are unrelated to notations referenced by instances of
the NOTATION datatype!

Other datatyping systems might want to have a NOTATION type that works
uniformly with ENTITY referencing NOTATIONS declared in the DTD (like I
believe RELAX does).


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