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Subject: Re: Datatype and identity constraints proposal of the day (17 May)

James Clark wrote:

> The NOTATION type of XML Schema doesn't use notation declarations from the
> DTD.  It uses NOTATION declarations from the Schema.   You can't use
> NOTATION directly in a Schema; you have to derive a type by specifying an
> enumeration.   If you ignore the PSV infoset, then it can be simulated by an
> enumeration of type QName.
> This means that the notation of unparsed entities referenced by instances of
> the ENTITY datatype are unrelated to notations referenced by instances of
> the NOTATION datatype!
> Other datatyping systems might want to have a NOTATION type that works
> uniformly with ENTITY referencing NOTATIONS declared in the DTD (like I
> believe RELAX does).

I think Kawaguchi-san already understands.  What he is asking is this:
if a RELAX NG pattern references to the NOTATION type of XML Schema, 
what will happen?  Never matched?  (This is fine to me.)  Or, do we 
introduce "notation" declarations?  (No!)



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