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Subject: RE: Relax NG specs

James Clark wrote:

>How accessible is the current TREX formal spec?  Is it too hard?  Do we
>something providing the same information as the formal spec but in an
>to understand, less formal way (perhaps with the formalism in an appendix)?

I think the formalism is important and necessary. Some readers will jump
straight to the formalism and figure things out easily from that. To others,
a plain language explanation will be more suitable. I would prefer to see
both, such as is done in those specs that have EBNF and prose quite near
each other. The formalism (my guess) may help those writing code most; the
prose, those who write only patterns.

I have a theory about technical writing, too: You never really get the ball
over the net without an example demonstrating the prose explanation. It
provides an essential window to understanding, and is something one can
imitate and try out themselves. Learning by imitation is how about everyone
learns to talk and it works pretty well.


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