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Subject: Minutes of RELAX NG TC Meeting 2001-05-24

Minutes of RELAX NG TC Meeting on May 24, 2001 8:30 AM EDT

[Please post amendments and corrections by replying to the list.]


James Clark
Mike Smith
Kawaguchi Kohsuke
Fabio Arciniegas
Mike Fitzgerald
Norm Walsh
Murata Makoto
David Webber

Next meeting: May 31, 2001 8:30 AM EDT

1. Rename TREX TC to RELAX NG TC. Voted in favor.

2. Restriction of subordinates of <oneOrMore>, that is: "If a <oneOrMore>
element has an <attribute> descendant, it must not have a <group> or
<interleave> descendant." [I BELIEVE we voted in favor? Please speak up if

3. Datatypes and identity constraints

  a. enumeration syntax. Voted in favor of option (b), that is: "Add a
<value> element. This has a type attribute identifying a datatype." As in:

  <value type="xsd:token">foo</value>


   <value type="xsd:token">foo</value>
   <value type="xsd:token">bar</value>

  b. <anyString/> now becomes <text/>. Voted in favor (slam dunk).

  c. list of parameters versus a set of parameters. Voted in favor of list
with the proviso that datatype providers will generate an error if there is
a duplicate parameter name, not the RELAX NG implementation.

  d. <param name="..." value="..."/> or <param name="...">...</param>. Voted
in favor of content over an attribute value.

  e. key/keyRef or ID/IDREF? Voted in favor of key/keyRef.

  f. <oneOrMoreTokens> and <zeroOrMoreTokens>. Voted in favor -- a
ratification, if you will, of last week's vote.

4. combine attribute. Voted in favor of values "choice" and "interleave"
hence removing the values "group" and "replace". As an attribute of
<define>, the combine attribute lets you combine duplicate definitions from
separate files.

5. Language Specs. Proposed is a formal spec, a tutorial, and a developer's
cookbook. Fabio will help set up a CVS repository on SourceForge for the
documentation. We will use DocBook and produce HTML, etc. James will rewrite
the TREX tutorial for RELAX NG. Murata-san and James will be main writers of
specs. Fabio and Mike Fitzgerald volunteered to do some additional writing.
Norm will help with DocBook and diffmk

Wy'east Communications     http://www.wyeast.net     mailto:mike@wyeast.net

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