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Subject: Re: TREX telcon 31 May 2001

/ James Clark <jjc@jclark.com> was heard to say:
| (I will be at an XSL WG F2F for the first half of next week, and I'm not
| sure I will have email access, so I am sending this out early.)

Please accept my regrets. I am also going to be at the XSL WG F2F, but
I will be on an airplane somewhere over the Atlantic during our telcon.

| 2. splitInclude issue.  With grammar-level includes allowing define/start
| children, I think it essential that the grammar-level include and
| pattern-level include use different names.  I've proposed renaming the
| pattern-level include to "externalRef".

That seems fine to me.

| 3. Choice of namespace URI
| (a) urn:oasis:... or http://something/...

I generally prefer URNs for this sort of thing, and I'm the one who
originally pointed out the oasis NID, but if we're going to move (some
or all) of this through (some) ISO process later, that might have a
bearing on the choice we make.

| (b) if http://something should something be relaxng.org or relax-ng.org or
| something else

That seems reasonable. If it's going to be
http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/relax-ng/..., I'd just as soon
make it a URN.

| (c) we may be putting out multiple specs, so we need a name to distinguish
| the main RELAX NG namespace from other names spaces.  Possibilities include
| "main", "structure", "lang".

Mumble. The choices "main" and "lang" don't work very well for me, so
I guess I prefer "structure". But that doesn't fill me with delight,
either :-)

| (d) versioning: how should different versions be distinguished.  W3C's
| current policy is year+month before REC stage, and year along at REC stage.
| Do we want year/month or m.n style names?  If m.n what should m and n be?

I prefer m.n.

| 5. Name of "grammar" element.

I don't care. I think 'grammar' is fine. I suppose 'schema' would be
fine too. Or 'relax-ng'. Or something else. If the committee decides
to name it 'fred' in my absence, I promise not to protest :-)

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM   | As charms are nonsense, nonsense is a
XML Standards Engineer | charm.--Benjamin Franklin
Technology Dev. Group  | 
Sun Microsystems, Inc. | 

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