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Subject: Re: Tutorial update

> <rng:grammar xmlns:rng="..." xmlns="W3C XML Schema Part 2">
>   <rng:data type="string" />
> </rng:grammar>
> Is the above data considered as the built-in string? Or XML Schema Part
> 2 string?

I would have said the former.   It's important to be able to put the pattern
into a normal form where namespace declarations are not significant, so:

<rng:data type="string" ns="W3C XML Schema Part 2"/>

has to reference the XML Schema Part 2 string.  However, it would be a bit
strange to use both the ns attribute and the default namespace declaration
to resolve an unqualified name.  Also in all other cases of QNames,
unqualified names use the ns attribute not the default namespace
declaration.  (Like with <attribute>, <data> does not inherit the ns
attribute; it is only applicable if specified on the <data> element.)

This complexity is perhaps another reason in favour of my proposal not to
use QNames for datatypes.


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