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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: Issue: delimiter of <list>

> Message text written by Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI
> >        <list delimiter=":">
> It can correctly parse things like
> " font-family: Verdana;  text-align: center ".
> (But it fails to parse " font-family: 'acme:fontName' ".
 In which case the list delimiter needs to be ": " or ", " where
 the delimiter is a multi-byte sequence.
 This may also be important for foreign language and double-byte
 character lists.
 James had a good answer for why we should stick with just the 
 simple space for now (something to do with compatiblity with schema?),
 but I would definately jump at the dynamic delimiter myself if this 
 looks tenable, as there are many cases.
 Ah, now I remember - James did not like the fact that avoiding spaces
 meant that now ( Fred Smith, David Webber, John Jones) are allowed.
 Hmmmm, we could still make the list values conform to TOKEN rules
 to avoid this problem......

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