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Subject: Re: Differences with RELAX?

> While browsing the tutorial for RELAX NG, I noticed that there was a
> section describing the differences with TREX. I am not familiar with
> TREX but I have been working a little bit with RELAX and I thought that
> a section describing differences with RELAX would be great to jump start
> RELAX users who don't know TREX. Also, a motivation section would be
> great too. I was pretty happy with RELAX and while I understand that
> TREX and RELAX were close, I don't know what motivated TREX in the first
> place since RELAX already existed when TREX was created and if I
> understand the idea of joining two similar projects, what is to be
> gained by RELAX in this process? Basically, I'd like to be able to read
> a document that would detail what are the advantages of RELAX NG over
> RELAX or TREX alone. More specifically, I have RELAX modules, why should
> I update them to RELAX NG?

Murata-san has written a section for the next version of the tutorial that
describes the additional features that RELAX NG provides over RELAX Core.

> A tools section would be pretty handy too since tools to process RELAX
> modules were available. What can we expect on that front for RELAX NG?

You can expect several RELAX NG implementations.


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