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Subject: A new name for <difference>?

A name change for <difference> was suggested on this list way back in
February. In fact, the original post on this was the fifth message on this


James' reasoning was that if we are using <choice> rather than union (and I
might add nothing instead of <concur> instead of intersection %^}), we may
well come up with another, nonmathematical name for <difference>. Some
suggestions from James have been:


We closed this issue a few weeks ago
but with this proviso: "TC's general feeling was, there is no good reason to
change it. On 5/31/2001, TC has decided to close this issue without any
action **until someone bring up a new material***."  (My emphasis.) Just
this week, Murata-san suggested


which are very precise.

I think one reason why we have not changed the name of <difference> is
because we haven't heard a bell-ringer yet. Little unresolved issues like
this gnaw at me, so just for fun, I have done a bit of brainstorming in
searching for an alternative name. This is what I have come up with:


It is simple, clear, and I think it has the right sense, just as well as
<choice> captures union. <omit>, I think, carries the sense that you are
taking out only part and leaving the rest be, the same as the all-but or
any-except sense.

Some winnowed chaff from my own cogitations:


An old rule in collaborative writing is "You can trash my idea /if/ you can
come up with something better!"

Try to come up with something better.

Wy'east Communications     http://www.wyeast.net     mailto:mike@wyeast.net

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