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Subject: Issues process

We have been making excellent progress after the last few months, and I
think we need to start considering how to stabilize the spec.  If we want to
encourage people to start implementing tools and writing schemas, then we
need to begin exercising restraint in making changes.

I would propose the following process:

1) Up until, say, 5th July, any TC member can get an issue added to the
issues list as now, simply by sending a message describing the issue to the
mailing list.  There is no need to include a proposal in the message.  A
statement of the problem is sufficient.  This gives TC members an
opportunity to raise any lingering issues that they may have.

2) After that time, we introduce a more restrictive procedure for adding
issues to the issues list.  Something like this:

a) A member may send a message proposing the creation of a new issue; the
proposal should include one or more possible solutions
b) At the telcon, if a majority of members wish to open the issue, then an
issue gets added, otherwise it doesn't.  We don't debate the merits of the
proposal, unless we have decided to open the issue.


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