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Subject: Re: Context info for datatype libraries

Message text written by James Clark
However, element-level context cannot be swept under the carpet in this
Element-level context cannot be ignored by the formal semantics. Clearly,
have at least to support namespace map.

I believe we also have to support base URI information (which can vary from
element to element). RELAX NG schemas should themselves be instances of our
data model.  Since <include> and <externalRef> need information about the
base URI, this has to be in our data model. (This is independent of the
xml:base issue; we need base URI information, regardless of whether or not
the base URI info is affected by xml:base attributes.)

I think the issue is simply this: should the element-level context used by
datatype library be allowed to contain anything other than the namespace
and base URI?  Murata-san believes not (correct me if I have misrepresented
your position).  I am not yet convinced that it is essential to so limit it
(though I can certainly live with it being so limited).



this is where the ebXML registry model and the use of UID identifiers,
with optional versioning into the UID is instructive.   The UID then points
to semantics in the registry that denote the extended validation and

i.e.  <element name="foo" UID="abc01001"/>   

and  with versioning <element name="foo" UID="abc01001:20010612"/>

This avoids all this gnarly cross-over - since the schema really can
just focus on the structural detail - and the registry acts as the
and other semantics store / sink.

That's why I liked the ability to externalize the datatyping in RELAX.

Of course the "Registry" does not have to be a service a la ebXML - it
could just be an XML include file somewhere on a URI.

The trick however is telling the parser (Jing) to look there for
What would be really cool is to natively support ebXML style UID datatyping
references directly, and then a lightweight alternate using some implied
mechanism for simple URI reference to a include file.

ie.  <element name="foo" UID="abc01001"  datatypemode="ebXML"/>   and

 <element name="foo" UID="abc01001"/>    for the default method.

Since versioning is intrinsic to eBusiness needs especially - this 
would provide RELAX with robust eBusiness credentials.

If you omit the version suffix on the UID reference - always returns latest

This is just brainstorming here - if someone else can come in with
some more RELAXesque varients on this theme here.....

Thanks, DW.

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