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Subject: Re: Context info for datatype libraries

If you allow access to arbitrary external information, I see no point in
restricting access to information about the document.  An external
library can just use the base URI to load the document again and thus
get access to arbitrary information about the document.

I don't want to force RELAX NG implementations to provide information
such as ENTITY and NOTATION declarations; if they don't want to support
datatype libraries that need such information, then they shouldn't have
to provide it.  On the other hand I don't want to prevent RELAX NG
implementations from providing datatype libraries with whatever
document-level context they require.

I am also very concerned about the complexity of the spec.  Getting in
to enumerating things like version number and notations and unparsed
entities seems to me to add a lot of complexity.  I think it should be
left as a matter of negotiation between RELAX NG implementations and
datatype library providers.

> Do you want to allow data type libraries to access absolutely anything
> in the document?  For example, is it OK for a datatype libary to access to
> the DOM representation of the entire document? 


- a datatype library wants to do this, and

- a RELAX NG implementation wants to support it, and

- the datatype library only uses document-level information (rather than
information about a specific element),

I see no need to prohibit this.

For example, for XHTML it might use information from <meta> or <base>
elements in the <head>.

I think the datatypeAllows and datatypeEqual functions can be regarded
as methods on the document, thus having an implicit extra argument of
the entire document.


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