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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: Issue: Shall we add the pattern facet to <text>?

Message text written by James Clark
(ie the concatentation of the string descendants).  But that's not always 
the right thing either:

<p>This is mixed<footnote>See page 72</footnote> content.</p>

This definately falls under the category of "let the implementer beware".

We should just do minimal stuff with this.   An XPath query could
extract the whole <p> piece - and then locally allow manipulating of it.

Tons of other things are like this :  well-drilling raw numbers comes to

 <result time="24:34:45:102" drilldepth="300" rotation="97:34">234, 456,
366, 433, 868, 557, 678, 234, 124, 565</result>

and similar stuff.  We just do structure - if people want to do wacky
sneaky things -
that's their problem to ensure consistent post-processing.


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