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relax-ng message

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Subject: RELAX NG telcon June 28

The next RELAX NG telcon will take place at 10:30am EDT on Thursday 28th 
June. The dial-in numbers are:

800 851 1769 (US callers)
775 324 0362 (International)

Participant code: 597197


1. xml:base: now that it's Rec, I hope we can close this issue

2. Issues process

3. Common annotations: should we produce a spec as an official committee 
work product?

4. Syntax for not and difference in name classes

5. Extending not and difference to strings

6. Syntax for global attribute on attribute element

7. Syntax for key and keyRef

8. Adding pattern facet to <text/>: I would like to get people's opinion on 
which side of the 80/20 line this is

9. Context info for type libraries


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