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Subject: Re: Minutes for RELAX NG TC 2001-06-28

> 7. Issue 43: Syntax for key and keyRef
> Message from Franck Delahaye
> http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/relax-ng/200106/msg00296.html
> inspired this issue. He pointed out some tripwire in the current
> implementation.
> There was general support for moving to an element rather than attribute
> syntax for key/keyRef. James said we are element heavy and such a move is
> stylistically more consistent with the language. Having key/keyRef inside
> data does not solve Franck's problem.
> BTW, David doesn't like regular expressions!
> We deferred on this issue.

I think there was general consensus for moving to a key/keyRef wrapper 
element along the lines I proposed in


A final decision would need to wait for the details of this to be worked 
out: specifically, what is allowed inside a key/keyRef?


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