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Subject: Issue: references to an external grammar

Kawaguchi-san raised this question long time ago.  <externalRef> 
references to start elements only and cannot reference to other named 
patterns.  Meanwhile, <include> expands all definitions in the 
referenced grammar, and may cause conflicting <define>s.



James wrote:
>Kawaguchi-san wrote:
>> The only workaround I found is
>> <element name="topLevel">
>>   <grammar>
>>     <include href="relaxCore.trex" />
>>     <start combine="replace">
>>       <ref name="ref.label" />
>>     </start>
>>   </grammar>
>> </element>
>That is the intended solution to the problem.
>> Which is quite a lot of typing (at least for me).
>I suppose it wouldn't be hard to add a shortcut:
><element name="topLevel">
>  <include href="relaxCore.trex" start="ref.label"/>
>> I believe this also
>> slows down grammar parsing because validator has to read relaxCore.trex
>> every time I use <include> pattern.
>It is easy for a parser to avoid rereading for an include at the pattern
>level.  It's a bit harder for a grammar level include.
>> Is this worth raising as an issue?
>I guess so.

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