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Subject: re: Issue: are <optional>, <oneOrMore>, <zeroOrMore> verbose?

Message text written by Murata Makoto
Isn't this verbose?

Quite a few people in the XML Schema WG think that elements for */+/? are 
too verbose and have chosen "maxOccurs"" and minOccurs".  RELAX Core has



I'm strongly supportive of our approach.   

I might be tempted to consider <repeat>  as a alternate to <oneOrMore> 
and <zeroOrMore>, but I'm not unhappy.

Sometimes these <optional> blocks do get gnarly - because of the 
business case - just look at <select> <when> <when> <when> blocks.
I don;t think there is any sugar candy approach here.  Ugly is ugly.

Then XSchema maxOccurs/ minOccurs are a nightmare that obscure the real 
structure of the content, and worse make maintenance
very difficult along with detecting edge conditions with agent software.

Apart from that maxOccurs/minOccurs are fine.  Did I say that I detest
with a passion? ; -)

Thanks, DW.

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