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Subject: RE: Two things to strengthen the spec

If the audience is *only* implementers and developers, you should state that
clearly in the abstract or prolog of the document and send others to the
tutorial with a link because many other people besides implementers and
developers will attempt to read this spec.

If you intend this document for implementers and developers only, I will
withdraw my suggestion to add more definitions and additional markup
examples, as long as you direct less sophisticated readers to the tutorial.

I think the spec is clearly written and works well. If you want to reach a
broader audience, though, I think you can do that easily by adding a few

I don't want to see the kinds of complaints about other specs laid at the
feet of RELAX NG as well, but this can be obviated by a clear warning:
"Users: GO BACK! Go back to the tutorial while there's still time!!!"


-----Original Message-----
From: Murata Makoto [mailto:mura034@attglobal.net]
Sent: Saturday, July 14, 2001 11:46 PM
To: mike@wyeast.net
Subject: Re: Two things to strengthen the spec

>Who is your perceived audience for the spec? Implementors and developers
only? Or do you
see a broader range of readers?

Implementors and developers only.  Users read tutorials.   I think that our
is already very helpful.



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