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Subject: Re: Alternative approach for key/keyref

--On 11 July 2001 22:25 +0900 Murata Makoto <mura034@attglobal.net> wrote:

>>  Am I right in thinking there are other consistency issues apart
>> from datatypes?
> For example?

I was thinking of the issues in the paper by Wenfei Fan and Leonid Libkin
"On XML Integrity Constraints in the Presence of DTDs". See


The abstract says:

"The paper investigates XML document specifications
with DTDs and integrity constraints, such as keys and
foreign keys. We study the consistency problem of
checking whether a given specification is meaningful:
that is, whether there exists an XML document that
both conforms to the DTD and satisfies the constraints.
We show that DTDs interact with constraints in a
highly intricate way and as a result, the consistency
problem in general is undecidable."


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