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Subject: Fallback mechanism for the datatype

Several strawman proposals...

1. Probably the easiest way is to treat unknown datatypes as strings.


<data type="foo" datatypeLibrary="my:secret:datatype:library"/>

would be handled as

<data type="string" datatypeLibrary=""/>

after a warning or such.

Also, it would be nice if any valid document is accepted in the fallback
mode. (We can't help but accept invalid documents)

To achieve that, we just need to abandon key/keyref check for
unavailable datatypes.

2. Allow explicit fallback specification just like XSLT:

<data type="countryCode" datatypeLibrary="dynamic:repository:lookup:ccode">
    <data type="token"

Maybe too cumbersome.

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI                          +1 650 786 0721
Sun Microsystems                   kohsuke.kawaguchi@sun.com

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