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Subject: Re: Improving 7.3 (was Re: Alternative approach for key/keyref)

>I think disallowing this would make things more complicated not simpler.

Which part of my proposal in [2] is complicated?

[2] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/relax-ng/200107/msg00246.html

In [2], I wrote:

>(2) it contains two attribute patterns <attribute> nc1 pattern1
>	</attribute> and <attribute> nc2 pattern2 </attribute>; some name
>	matches both nc1 and nc2; pattern1 and pattern2 have different
>	key-types.

I forgot to mention nearest ancestor <element> patterns, but this can
be rather easily fixed.  Another thing: I could have used "dataValue"
in stead of "dataValueChoice" as the content of <key>/<keyRef>.



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