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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: Section 7.4

Message text written by James Clark
Do you understand section 6 in its entirety?


I see - now we move a different target into the cross-wires ; -) 

This may or may not be a good thing!

I presume someone has already caught the typo:


The effect of the above rule is that a text element matches zero of more

6.2.5. oneOrMore pattern


should be ..... zero or more strings.

And then the first paragraph made me smile - since lots of email on this
proves that the statement
"Axioms are propositions that are provable unconditionally" - is context 
dependent ; -)

But back to your question.  I certainly follow the logic mathematics, but I
done degree level math and computer science in this area.  Have I had
time to work thru each example and prove it formally - hell no!  Could
use this to write and determine parser behaviour - yes!   Does the Section
provide me with a consist and clear mental picture?  I believe so.  Could I
it to someone else?  Probably about 50% at first blush.

Certainly as you understand more of Section 6, you can penetrate further
Section 7 before you falter.

Is this helpful?


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