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Subject: RE: Fallback mechanism for the datatype

Saying it may report a warning is vacuous and misleading: a RELAX NG 
processor can give a warning any time it feels like it; it doesn't need 
permission from the spec.

The net result is that if a schema uses a datatype library that a validator 
does not support, then the validator is not required to be able to 
determine whether a document is valid with respect to the schema.  This is 
what I think the spec should say.

--On Tuesday, July 31, 2001 10:18 AM -0700 Michael Fitzgerald 
<mike@wyeast.net> wrote:

> I interpret Makoto's paragraph differently. To me it says:
> "If a conformant RELAX NG processor encounters a datatype library that it
> does not recognize, it MAY report a warning. It may, for example, continue
> or abort normal processing."
> So if I am writing a fridge-firmware implementation, I don't think I am
> forced to produce a warning or error, and I am happy.
> -Mike
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