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Subject: Re: Annotations draft updated

Message text written by Murata Makoto
> Do we really have to define conformance?




The approach ebXML has taken is to define some conformance
metrics - but really to leave the process to qualified organizations like
NIST - so there is a place holder in the spec's for further work
to be developed from.

We should do the same - conformance is something the marketplace
needs, but requires time and maturity to fully establish.  Also once
the marketplace has validated your concept - then its much easier
to get formal conformance mechanisms in place.

It makes me smile that Sun developed an XML conformance library
that Microsoft then claims 98% conformance to, and yet I can 
break their IE5.5 implementation by just puffing on it with some trivial
behaviour samplers - errrh, maybe I should not be mentioning this
without donning some serious fire proof clothing???

Truth: having a simple spec' in the first place makes conformance 
a walk in the park.....


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