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relax-ng message

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Subject: Documents updated

I've updated the tutorial, spec and annotations documents:


In the tutorial, I've removed mention of keys and updated the comparison
appendices accordingly. I've also added references to the spec and the
annotations doc.

In the annotations doc, I've rephrased the definition of level 1 conformance
in Section 3, and I've changed the second para of the introduction to
mention the possibility of doing infoset modification without RELAX NG

In the spec:

- I've removed all mention of keys

- I've incorporated Murata-san's example (see sections 2.1, 3.1, 5.1 and

- I've added another paragraph to section 8 on conformance.

- I've added a new paragraph just before section 6.1 on identity.

- I've added a new paragraph just before section 2.1 on unexpanded entity
references and unprocessed declarations.

- I've expanded the definition of m at the beginning of 6.2

- I've added a note to 6.2.7.

- I've added a note to 6.2.11

- In 6.2.8, I've changed normalized() to okForChildren().

- I've added a paragraph to 4.5 on handling of URIs and fragment identifiers

- I've added an issues appendix and moved the description of the interleave
issue to that section

- I've fixed 7.1.5 per the telcon decision


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