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Subject: Re: Annotation issue: applying a:documentation to value

> I like addition of some specialized wrapper elements rather than <div>.

There are two things we can wrap.  We can put the wrapper around the value, 
param ane name elements, or we can put it around the content of these 

I think it is going to work out cleanest to put the wrapper around the 
content, eg


That way, we don't have to special case the rules for what a:documentation 
applies to: it always applies to the parent.  <content> itself wouldn't be 
allowed to have annotation attributes.  Thus in all places where the 
content of an RELAX NG element is currently <data type="X"/> it would become

  <data type="X"/>
    <element name="content">
      <data type="X"/>
    <ref name="other"/>

Is there a better name than <content>?

At first I thought it would be better to have a wrapper around arbitrary 
patterns, so that for example you could use it to implement something like 
our old key/keyRef elements as annotations.  The trouble is that is that 
you use the wrapper element for something like key/keyRef then you might 
want to apply a documentation to that wrapper element.  Also it's just too 
similar to <group>.  You can ALWAYS use a group around a single pattern in 
any case where you could use that pattern (even in <except>) because schema 
simplication replaces a group containing a single pattern by that pattern.


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