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Subject: More nits

In 4.19, we perform three transformations.  I think we should
explicitly state that they are repeatedly applied until none of them
is applicable any more.

In 4.20, we perform four transformations.  The same as above.

"the data model" immediately before Section 6 should be removed.

"ISO 10646" in the dangling paragraph of Section 6 should read "Unicode
3.2" or "ISO/IEC 10646".

"this rule apply" in the second para of 6.1 should read "this axiom

"zero of more strings" in 6.2.4 should read "zero or more strings"

"represent the same datatype" in the second bullet of the first
itemized list in 6.2.9 should read "represent the same value in the

What is [cx2] in the inference rule (value) in 6.2.9?



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