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Subject: Re: More nits

Murata Makoto wrote:

> "ISO 10646" in the dangling paragraph of Section 6 should read "Unicode
> 3.2" or "ISO/IEC 10646".

Oops, Unicode is still Unicode 3.1.1 Beta.   Unicode 3.1 already includes non-BMP characters.
ISO/IEC 10646-1, second edition has been published in March 2000.   It still does 
not exist non-BMP characters.  IS 10646-2 covers planes 1, 2 and 14 but is still 
not an IS(?).  (Note: the ballot for FDIS has already ended on 2001-03-25. )

How should we reference to Unicode or 10646, then?   Some suggestion is available 


I would propose a generic reference to Unicode without mentioning the version 

	The Unicode Consortium. The Unicode Standard (the latest version)



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