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Subject: RE: a:attributeType

James Clark wrote:
>I've been thinking about Mike's suggestion that we should
>xsd:ID/IDREF/IDREFS instead of a:attributeType.

I think Kawaguchi-san mentioned this on the list before I brought it up in
the TC meeting.

>One problem is that this isn't anything to do with annotations, so either
>would have to call our spec something other than "DTD Compatibility
>Annotations" (maybe simply "DTD Compatibility") or we would have to move
>this feature into a separate spec.

I prefer dropping "Annotations" from the spec title. If we create separate
specs to address similar needs, we may wind up proliferating specs which
could become anti-simple.

Introducing ID-compatible and ID-sound properties, outside of validation
dependency, seems reasonable and adequate.


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