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Subject: Re: Associating schema with document


Trawling back thru old email here.  See my thoughts below.

Did we get a resolution on this anyway?

Thanks, DW
Message text written by Josh Lubell
I agree that a processing instruction is the most obvious way to link a
RELAX NG schema with a document. However, I'm concerned about how this
sit with the W3C. My understanding is that the use of processing
instructions is discouraged in W3C standards.

>>>>>>>>> This is an on-again-off-again issue.  Seems to me that
the Pandoras box is open.  Another approach is to have a MIMEtype
of RELAX - so that receiving systems know to invoke the RELAX processor?

If  we adopt this approach, could it impact our ability to influence W3C
Schema 2.0? Should we care?

>>>>>>>>> This is an interesting question.  Are we really trying to 
influence Schema 2.0 - whatever that is?  Seems to me we are going
along a different, and better, path.   People who want whatever it is
they see they desperately need in Schema will continue to use it;
people who want what we have will continue with us.  Hopefully
our price point is better and we have more users.  Applicability
to ebXML is a key.  We're currently doing things in ebXML 
using RELAX that I believe simply cannot be done using
W3C Schema  -I'm hoping to have a white paper out by the
end of the month on this.

I strongly doubt the W3C will want to thank us any year soon.


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