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Subject: Re: Test suite for RELAX NG DTD compatibility spec.

> The plan for Sun is to donate this test suite to the TC or RELAX NG
> SourceForge project, whichever appropriate.
> The question is, do we want to collect test suites at the TC, or do we
> want to do this at SourceForge?

I don't think the TC should get into the business of certifying that a test
suite is correct; I don't think it will be practical for TC members to
properly scrutinize a test suite that may have hundreds or thousands of test
cases.  Instead, I think the role of the TC should be to adjudicate when
there is disagreement on a test case and clarify the spec accordingly.

This suggests to me that it would be better for the TC not to own the test
suites, which would make SourceForge the natural home for them.  We should
have a policy on the relaxng SF project that test suites get fixed to
conform to TC decisions.

What do other people think?


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