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Subject: Re: Test suite for RELAX NG DTD compatibility spec.

> 1. slightly revised version of the schema for RNG test suite.
>    Changes are:
>    - allow <testSuite> to nest. Just like a folder can have child
>      folders, so does a test suite can have child test suites.
>    - added three optional attributes (annotation/defaultValue/ididref)
>      to the <validPattern> element to indicate compatibilities of a
>      pattern.
>    - added one optional attribute (ididref) to the <valid> element to
>      indicate the soundness of that document.

I have been working on a test suite for the RELAX NG spec and have also made
some changes to the schema.

- I used <div> elements instead of nested <testSuite> elements, but I like
nested <testSuite> elements a little better on reflection so I have switched
to these.

- I have got rid of the <header> element and instead added specific metadata
elements.  The header is a bit of a cop-out: we ought to reach agreement on
what metadata elements we should have.  I added:

<documentation> - like your dc:description)
<section> - gives the section of the spec being tested eg
<section>6.2.1</section>; you can have multiple section elements if multiple
sections are being tested

- I made resources local to each test case, and made the directory structure

- A test case always contains exactly one schema

-I renamed validPattern and invalidPattern to correct and incorrect to match
the terminology of the spec (the spec makes "validity" a relationship
between schemas and instances and uses "correctness" for the schema by



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