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Subject: Re: Test suite for RELAX NG DTD compatibility spec.

Message text written by James Clark
This suggests to me that it would be better for the TC not to own the test
suites, which would make SourceForge the natural home for them.  We should
have a policy on the relaxng SF project that test suites get fixed to
conform to TC decisions.

What do other people think?



Good call, although I don't want this to detract from Sun doing sterling
here - they should be applauded for giving this all a great head start.

I'm sure Josh is also thinking that NIST can have a role here in
and helping QA test items and ensuring the test suite is balanced and

I'm planning on contributing some ebXML examples here presently as
we evolve and refine those currently in our own internal test process.

Thanks, DW.

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