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Subject: Re: Test suite for RELAX NG DTD compatibility spec.

> - I have got rid of the <header> element and instead added specific metadata
> elements.  The header is a bit of a cop-out: we ought to reach agreement on
> what metadata elements we should have.  I added:
> <documentation> - like your dc:description)
> <section> - gives the section of the spec being tested eg
> <section>6.2.1</section>; you can have multiple section elements if multiple
> sections are being tested

I agree to have typical ones like <title> or <documentation> explicit,
but <header> is very useful by itself. So I want to keep that, too.

For example, depending on the situation, I sometimes exclude some of the
test cases. I'd like to use meta information in the header for this.

As for explicit metadata elements, I'd like to propose <title> (or
<name>), which is supposed to have a short string that represents its

> - I made resources local to each test case, and made the directory structure
> explicit

Some of my test cases share a common resource between test cases. So I'd
appreciate if we can keep resources a bit more reusable.

I guess we can make resources <testSuite>-local; resources can be
written only under <testSuite> and test cases directly contained in that
test suite can reference them. In this way, when we extract files into a
directory structure, one test suite can go into one directory and
everything will work file.

Also, how do you use <dir> in resources? Is this necessary? Are you
using it to test the xml:base handling?

> - A test case always contains exactly one schema

> -I renamed validPattern and invalidPattern to correct and incorrect to match

This is wonderful.

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI                          +1 650 786 0721
Sun Microsystems                   kohsuke.kawaguchi@sun.com

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