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Subject: Re: Associating schema with document

James Clark wrote:

> Murata-san raised the issue of whether we want to do this at all. We need 
> to resolve that before we resolve the issue of how to do it.

My two cents.

First, even if we add some mechanisms for referencing to schemas, existing 
XML processors will simply ignore them.  They cannot handle ID/IDREF or 
default values specified in RELAX NG gramars either.   If I really 
care interoperability with existing implementations, I would generate an
internal DTD subset from a RELAX NG grammar containing ID/IDREF and default 
values and embed this internal DTD subset within a document.  By doing so, 
I can ensure interoperability with ANY conformant implementation of XML.

Second, I am wondering if a standard API for finding schemas are helpful.  
For example, given the start tag of the document (and preceding PIs), 
a function locates a schema automagically.  If that function handles 
some catalog files, that is fine.



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