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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: Associating schema with document

Message text written by James Clark
>See my message at:


I've been thinking about a catalog-based approach, and I think that would
more powerful than a PI although significantly more complicated.   The
catalog could contain rules like:



Hmmm.  But this is really just a bolt-on in front of the parser.

We're (XMLG) doing this in a bigger sense with our Transform technology.

It has a module that examines the datastream before it hits the
mapper - and then invokes the right template depending on
source and content.

So we could combine this idea with the PI - and the RELAX parser 
then has a first step which is "content alignment" - as part of the
spec's - where it decides how to go.  The PI could easily 
pass a parameter to enable this:  type="DTD"  type="RELAX", etc.


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