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Subject: [relax-ng] That default issue again.

Quoting from the treatise ; -)

The omission of support for default attributes
from RELAX NG is part of a general policy in RELAX
NG of not modifying or augmenting the infoset
[15].  RELAX NG validation does not involve
changing the information about the document that
is passed to an application.  One reason for this
is that the processes of validation and infoset
modification need to be capable of being performed
independently.  In some situations, there is a
need to ensure that a document is valid with
respect to some schema but no need to perform any
additional processing at that stage and hence no
need for an augmented infoset.  In other
situations, a document is already known to be
valid but an augmented infoset is needed for
additional processing.

And I know this all makes sense but...

I rather like the ability to place default values in the DTD
at least for fixed items.

Is #FIXED so bad?   I'm convincing myself that this does not
break the tenet above...

I would really like to be able to do
this - since this is preferred for assigning ebXML UID values
to items - without having to encumber the interchange (XML
instance).  It also means you can be flexible with the schema
and associate UID values that enable the semantic 
translation of the content at the local use end.  This still
means you have separation as described above.

Would it completely break everything we hold near and
dear if we allowed:

    <attribute name="reference" fixedValue="foobar" />

This would work nicely for my ebXML use case.

Thanks, DW.

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