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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Re: MinOccurs in RELAX

Message text written by James Clark
I don't understand the difference between a "LIMIT constraint" and
min/maxOccurs.  Can you give an example of how this would be used with the
zeroOrMore/oneOrMore elements that we have now?


Having read your treatise on 'Why RELAX NG?' I'm not sure if this 
breaks all the rules - but here goes anyway :

  <define name="Components">
    <element name="Components">
      <ref name="attlist.Components"/>
      <oneOrMore limit="3">
        <ref name="Component"/>

  <define name="PermittedValues">
    <element name="PermittedValues">
      <ref name="attlist.PermittedValues"/>
        <ref name="DefaultValue"/>
        <ref name="ValueRule"/>
        <ref name="ExternalValueList"/>
        <zeroOrMore limit="10">
          <ref name="ValueItem"/>

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