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Subject: [relax-ng] Comments on the latest spec

1.  The 4th para of Section 3

	any element other than value and param 

should read

	any element other than value, param , and name

2.  The 2nd para of 4.5

	"The URI reference consists of the URI itself and an optional 
	fragment identifier"

A URI reference can be relative, but a URI cannot.  Thus, an URI
references does not always contain a URI.  If a URI reference is
relative, it is combined with the base URI to form a URI.

3. The last para of 4.12

What does "it" reference to?

4. <except><notAllowed/></except>

Suppose a RELAX NG grammar contains the following pattern.  


This is not subject to any normalization in Section 4, and 
will fail to match the BNF in Section 5.



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