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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] Comments on the latest spec

> 1.  The 4th para of Section 3
> any element other than value and param
> should read
> any element other than value, param , and name


> 2.  The 2nd para of 4.5
> "The URI reference consists of the URI itself and an optional
> fragment identifier"
> A URI reference can be relative, but a URI cannot.  Thus, an URI
> references does not always contain a URI.  If a URI reference is
> relative, it is combined with the base URI to form a URI.

But in the 1st para of 4.5 any relative URI will have been resolved into
absolute form. Thus, by the 2nd para of 4.5, the URI reference will always
consist of a URI and an optional fragment identifier.

> 3. The last para of 4.12
> What does "it" reference to?

I changed "it has" to "there are".

> 4. <except><notAllowed/></except>
> Suppose a RELAX NG grammar contains the following pattern.
> <except><notAllowed/></except>
> This is not subject to any normalization in Section 4, and
> will fail to match the BNF in Section 5.

Good catch.  I guess 4.20 should say that an <except> with a <notAllowed>
child is removed.


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