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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] close schema language

Message text written by Eric van der Vlist
Yes. There is a difference, though between a schema language (especially 
when it is used to validate documents) and a development language and I 
think that most of the people see a XML schema as a kind of firewall 
which will protect them from the unexpected -these "otherwise" facts-.

>>>>>>>>> I see it vastly different - it is a means to document the 
structural layout of the well-formed content for a business interchange.

Foreign namespaces (and "open" schemas in general) are then seen as 
potentially dangerous since it's like removing a part of the firewall 
exposing the applications to more unexpected facts and requiring a 
different design.

>>>>>>>> Avoid like the plague!  Use an ebXML Registry instead!!

Among the RSS 1.0 Working Group, for instance, everyone agreed to accept 
foreign namespaces elements, but the majority decided to accept them 
only when the content model (simple/complex) was not changed showing 
that the notion of open/close is relative ;=) ...

>>>>>>>> More validation of the registry centric approach here ; -)


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