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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] close schema language

Eric van der Vlist wrote:

> Schematron is the only language I know where "everything which is not 
> forbidden is allowed", the main principle of the other languages being 
> rather that "everything which is not allowed is forbidden" which, by 
> itself, is "closed".

This is what I meant by assertion-based, but probably I was not clear.

I wrote:

> But I have always wondered why Rick Jelliffe opposes to other languages.  
> What he calls "closed" is not a hangover from DBMS.  Does he really think 
> DocBook and TEI are such hangovers?  "Closed" content models are sometimes 
> (or often) required.

This is my main point.  I think that lack of closedness is also a disadvantage.  
For example, I am not aware of any data binding tools for Schematron.  I do not 
think it is easy to develop them, since Schematron does not provide closed content 



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