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Subject: [relax-ng] Minutes for the RELAX NG TC Mtg. 2001-11-29

Minutes for the RELAX NG TC meeting held on 29 November 2001.



Not attending


The next TC meeting will be held on February 21, 2002 at 10:30 am EST
(UTC -04:00).

1. Treatment of ns attribute

James: WebDAV uses DAV: as a namespace URI. I want to drop the check on the
ns attribute. This {DAV:} is not a legal URI but DAV is important enough
that we should not block it. Do any disagree with this resolution?
Kohsuke: Not me.
Makoto: Are we not giving an explanation of why?
James: No. I don't think we need to.
Makoto: OK.

This resolution passed with no opposition. The ns attribute will not be
checked by conforming RELAX NG processors. The wording change in the spec
can be reviewed here:

2. Approve of publication of the following documents as Committee specs
a) RELAX NG Specification
b) RELAX NG Tutorial
c) RELAX NG DTD Compatibility

James: Are there any other issues before we put the specs up for vote?


James: I propose that we release the specs as committee documents for 1.0
Let's take a poll.
Norm? Yes
Kohsuke? Yes
Mike? Yes
Makoto? Yes
Josh? Yes
Me? Yes

Congratulations. All specs for version 1.0 of the RELAX NG have been
approved as committe documents.

3. Publication plan

James: The plan is to publish them on Monday, Dec. 3, after correcting
typos. Norm, are you going to be around to put them on the Web site?
Norm: Yes. Let me know if there is anything else to publish on the site and
I'll have it all up there on Monday.
James: We will not be reving the datatype guidelines spec.
James: We should probably have an errata page. I will add a link to the spec
to an empty errata page.

4. Future plans

James: Shall we suspend the TC for a time and then meet...
Norm: You can call for a vote to allow voting by email by 50% of the TC...
Makoto: I am concerned that this will affect the outcome of a vote...
James: I will get consensus first before asking for a vote on an issue.
Makoto: OK.
Norm: 50% or 51% I'm not sure...you can tweak it...
James: Adding items to the errata will be a nice way of dealing with
things...50% have to say yes? You mean the number who attend the meeting?
Norm: You can put to vote whether the chair has the right to call for a vote
{by email} and then allow 50% or more to allow a vote to pass...
James: When shall we meet?
Makoto: How about January?
James: That may be too soon. How about sometime in February?
[general discussion on date]
James: I propose that we meet next time on Februrary 21.

The date for the next meeting passed.

Makoto: I think we have one of the best schema languages!!
James: [By the way], you can use xsi: attributes [from XML Schema] in RELAX
NG, if you ever have occasion to mention it...
Norm: Who all is going to XML 2001?
[Most said they were]
James: We should set up a RELAX NG meeting [in Orlando].


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