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Subject: Re: [relax-ng] grammar error in compatibility spec

Message text written by James Clark
Hmm. Maybe my grammatical instincts have been compromised by living too 
long in a non-English speaking country, but the use of "were" seems correct

to me, since the process of framing (i.e. devising) the restrictions took 
place in the past.

--On 29 November 2001 10:38 -0500 Josh Lubell <lubell@cme.nist.gov> wrote:

> I noticed a minor grammar error in the compatibility spec. I believe the
> sentence before the enumerated list at the end of section 1.3 should read
> "The goals in framing these restrictions are as follows:" rather than
> "...were as follows"
> Josh

Actually James this can improve your sense of grammar!  The best linguist
I've ever met was a German girl in college, who was a math major, but was
also studying English Literature and Shakespeare as a 'side option' - and
had just 1.5 years of english - very humbling.

Anyway - we can all just aspire to such giddy levels; 'were' as the
past tense of 'are' works for me!

You may just want to add the work 'Historically' at the start of the
so that the context is crystal clear.  

Context is a whole different topic you can waste your life on too. ; -)

Cheers, DW.

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