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Subject: re: [relax-ng] suggested datatype library types


I'm searching here for the "killer app'" for RELAX.

My sense is this is ebXML - since if ebXML can be more easily
implemented and supported using RELAX than schema - then
you have a compelling argument for adoption.

I would like to offer out therefore that we develop an 
ebXMLdatatypeLibrary - that is specifically tuned to eBusiness

While this may be boring as dishwater from the theoretical stance
(maybe not!) - it would give RELAX focused users.   Actually I suspect
that creating the library will be interesting since we need concise and
precise here to ensure uniform behaviour.  Notice DATETIME is 
one area where the W3C approach gives undeterminate result sets
for certain conditions / comparisons - fixing that would certainly be
a plus - and then giving people all the common business types 
directly - means easier implementation.


Thanks, DW.
Message text written by Michael Fitzgerald
For the sake of discussion, here is a list of types -- taken from the list
of 44 XML Schema datatypes (simple types) -- that I think would be
in a RELAX NG datatype library (a):

 string, token, int, long, short, double, ID, IDREF, IDREFS

And I think the following would be nice to have (b):

 normalizedString, byte, integer, decimal, boolean, Name, QName, NCName,

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