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Subject: [relax-ng] Minutes RELAX NG TC telecon 2002-04-25


Thanks for the minutes.

This reminds me that I volunteered to start some thoughts on 
increasing adoption.

What I see is that we need a Viewer for RELAX.

Schema went nowhere until people were able to visually see 
their schemas thanks to XMLSpy.

I'm not suggesting an editor - since the syntax is easier to hand-edit,
but people just have this tactile thing - and seeing is beleiving.

I'm guessing there is a Java hierarchy display tool out there 
already that can be purposed to display and allow transversal
of RELAX structures.

A bonus would be the display of annotation text alongside an
element - or at least the ability to click on or mouse over a
tree node and see the annotation text.

Essentially this enables the use of RELAX in documenting 
for both human and machine consumption.

Thanks, DW.

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