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Subject: [relax-ng] Specs ready for copying onto web site

I generated a new version of the HTML of the spec.


When I validated the HTML, in addition to the nested <html> element problem,
I found a couple of other HTML errors: I had used valign="center" instead of
valign="middle" and I had put some illegal width="100%" attributes on <tr>.
The new HTML fixes these errors as well.

I also updated the package of XSL stylesheets with the bug fixed versions:


I have generated a new version of the compact syntax spec which specifies
predeclaration of the xsd prefix:


Norm, while you're updating the web site, please add a link in the Schemas
section to:

  Relax NG Schemas for the TEI, http://www.tei-c.org/Schemas/RelaxNG/P4X/

and in the Tools section to

Trang, Translator for RELAX NG schemas. Currently, translates from the
compact or XML syntax into DTD and translates from the compact syntax to the
XML syntax.

Somewhere (not sure where) there should be a link to the DIS:

In the Press section a link to the xmlhack article
"XML and the IETF: Making the case for RELAX NG"
might be useful.


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